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Thriller. France. 2024.

Réalisé par Juan Carlos Medina.

Scénario, adaptation, dialogues : Denis Brusseaux et Guillaume Mautalent, en collaboration avec Juan Carlos Medina.

Avec Sami Bouajila, Julie Gayet, Philippe Résimont, Gilles Cohen, Anne Azoulay, Dimitri Storoge, Yannick Choirat, Manon Azem, Maryline Canto.

Produit par Empreinte Cinéma (Raphaël Rocher, Eric Laroche, Evelyne Quesnel) et SND Films (Thierry Desmichelle, Rémi Jimenez, Nicolas Rolland).


Sortie France : 6 novembre 2024 (SND)

11 years ago, inspector Malik couldn’t solve a kidnapping and a little girl died. Now with only a few days before the crime gets classified, he decides to reopen the case. Malik owes it to the mother and to himself. As he digs into the past, a child is kidnapped again. The pattern is the same one as a decade ago, it’s no coincidence. Malik knows he has a few days to make things rights and to bring justice. The clock is ticking…

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